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The Servant - Master Cycle

As we often feel in life someday's are ours and we have the upper hand for a day, deciding what to do with our time and energies.

The other days are not. On those days we find we are tied down to our responsibilities either to family, or friends or to our job. On those days we are in the service of others.

That pattern is reflected in Numerology.
Each number from 1 through to 9 swings between putting you in a position of being master of your life and servant to your life and to others.

The number 9 is the exception as in this phase of the cycle you are neither master nor servant.
9 is the number of man and humanity.
It is also the number of endings.
In the 9 you cannot start but you have the power to put an end that which you no longer need.
If you can do anything constructive then it is for the benefit of others, but for all mankind and not just those close to you.

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